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Issue #25 9/2015
Atlantic Irrigation
October Edition  -  2015

Irrigation • Lighting • Water Gardening • Drainage


Atlantic Irrigation is proud to be a sponsor of the show’s Opening Night Party!

Tuesday, Nov. 10 | 7:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Last year, Irrigation Show attendees dazzled the crowd with their impressive singing chops during the karaoke-themed opening night party. This year, they’re kicking things up a notch with the first-ever IA’s Got Talent! Singers, dancers, jugglers, comedians, fire breathers…everyone is welcome!

For more information on how to participate, please visit:

The opening night party is open to all attendees with a full registration.

In addition to the Opening Night Party, Atlantic Irrigation is excited to be the main sponsor for the new IA Show App! This app will help you navigate the trade show floor more effectively and keep you organized throughout the week. This app is sure to be a hit at the show! See you there!

Irrigation Show | November 11-12
Education Conference | November 9-13

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Introducing the new Hunter Preferred Program website with a new look and user-friendly features. There are no changes to the program itself, just an enhanced website that's easier to use. The new website allows you to easily track your points and claim your rewards....

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Special Introductry Price

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Atlantic Irrigation News

Unique Promo - Earn Holiday Cash!

The holidays have come early! Unique Lighting Systems is offering a $250 gift card for every 5000 points earned. Earn double bonus points when you purchase Elements Series product. The promo runs until 10/31/15, contact your Atlantic Irrigation Rep. today.

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Leaves are changing, are you?

Top 4.3 things you should be doing in October

1 - Landscape Lighting…. Still one of the fastest growing segments in the landscape industry!
It’s getting darker earlier, so get those demo kits out! Demo kits sell jobs. When a client pulls into their driveway and gets a taste of how landscape lighting transforms their property, they are sold then and there. No longer is the question…will they install lighting? It is…how many lights will they want?

2 - Promote fall installs.
While most contractors have run out of steam, you are just getting your second wind! The irrigation season ain’t over yet!! Remember - fall is for planting; there is still plenty of work to be had. Consider end of season specials or start booking next year now!

3 - Dust off the compressors
It is winterization time again. Make sure they’re operating properly and all the fluids are topped off. Test all the air hose lines and make sure the hose reel lines are operating properly.

4 - Commercial October???
Yes! Start prepping next year’s contracts with your account managers. While your competition is thinking about fall clean ups, your prepping to score the next big contract.

4.3 - Don't get left in the dark!
Reread #1 and contact us at Atlantic Irrigation to help with your landscape lighting needs. Fixtures, lamps, wire, transformers, demo kits and the expertise, we have it all!


Project Profile - Facebok & Baseline Systems

The roof of the new Facebook building, about 70-feet up, offers a winding walk through nine acres of greenery. This walkway sits above the marshlands of Menlo Park, California, not the big city. But, Goler says, it feels a lot like the elevated railroad line that now serves as a park on the West Side of Manhattan. “It’s a half mile loop,” she says. “It gives space to think.”

Design: Russell D. Mitchell & Associates
Installation Contractor: Valley Crest

The Facebook green roof is a 9 acre park on top of the new corporate campus building. Mature trees, plantings and landscape features make you forget that you are on a building as you look out over San Francisco Bay. Two BaseStation 3200 controllers run the campus, one on the roof and the second on ground level. The green roof controller operates 190 irrigation zones from a single POC interfacing with 25 soil moisture sensors. The light weight soil depth is no more than 8" deep in most places making it difficult for the soil to hold water. The sensors are used to maintain a desired moisture level to ensure plant health. The controllers are connected to BaseManager and integrated with the building management system through BACnet Manager.

For more information about Baseline Systems products call your local Atlantic Irrigation Branch or visit the Baseline Systems Website

Want to learn more about the Facebook Project, please visit:

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